If you’re familiar with Ken Block’s series of “Gymkhana” videos, you’re used to watching him pilot cars like a rally-prepped Ford Fiesta and an insanely customized ’65 Mustang through urban environments.

For his latest video, “Terrakhana,” Block sticks with familiar metal but tests his mettle in a new setting, a dirtbike park in the Utah desert.

We’ve never been to Utah, but its vast expanses of sandy landscape sure look gorgeous, dotted with dramatic rock formations. And 45 seconds into his latest video, we see that those geological landmarks were likely what inspired Block to film here, as he proceeds to drive up the side of one of them.

And then he drives up a few more, in between kicking up huge clouds of sand and getting big air off desert dunes and doing donuts around rocks we imagine would be pretty unforgiving to a car’s bodywork.

According to the description of the video posted to the Pennzoil YouTube account (the lubricant manufacturer is one of Block’s sponsors), Swing Arm City sits at an altitude of about 1,300 metres (4,300 feet) and the temperature at the time of the Terrakhana shoot was nearly 39 degrees Celsius.

Block’s latest blockbuster is notable for some new stunts, like driving through his own zero-visibility dust cloud as he circles a pile of stones and hauling up the side of a rock formation to within three car lengths of a sheer drop.

Terrakhana’s production quality is top-notch, as we’ve come to expect from the Gymkhana series. Ultimately, though, we feel like this latest effort shows less of Block’s skill as a precision driver and gave him a chance to have some fun revisiting his past as a rally driver and chucking a 600-hp AWD car around on a low-traction surface.