Forza Motorsports 7 may have just come out earlier this month, but that hasn’t stopped some enthusiasts from really getting into it, like popular social media user and exotic car owner POG, who apparently turned his Lamborghini Aventador into an Xbox controller so he could play the racing game with it.

The car and gaming enthusiast posted a video to YouTube showing how he built his simulator rig in his garage, placing a projector on top of the roof and his Xbox over the rear engine cover; and pads under the front wheels running to some sort of computer to turn his steering inputs into in-game controls.

Before starting the game, he dons his helmet and gloves, selects the virtual version of his car, and sets off on a race track, the apparatus working seamlessly. “The sensation is incredible ! This is ultra realistic,” he writes in the YouTube vid description.

A few people have called out the video as possibly being fake – or POG for racing in a video game when he could instead do it in real life – but it’s not impossible to make a set-up like this work. (Admittedly, it would be a lot easier to fake it.)


But assuming it’s real, we have to say this rig beats a Logitech steering wheel controller hands-down, and makes our handheld-controller racing feel downright prehistoric in comparison.

(POG on Instagram)