A Tesla Model X owner from Palm Beach, Florida found an adorable but alarming surprise on a recent Saturday morning when he walked out into his garage.

A man we know only by his SUMD profile name on a Tesla discussion forum heard a kitten mewing in his garage, and traced the sound to somewhere inside the rear bumper of his Model X crossover.

Knowing there was a feral cat colony living near his home, he assumed the curious kitten found a way inside, but then couldn’t figure a way out again.

Not knowing the proper way to access the space behind the bumper, SUMD took the car to a local Tesla service centre, where technicians opened an access panel and pulled out a tiny ginger kitten who, surprisingly enough, seemed unimpressed with being removed from its hiding place.

The story has a happy ending, as one of the technicians who took part in the rescue took “Tessie” home.