German automaker Volkswagen has agreed to pay $15.3 billion USD in restitution for excessive pollution and lowered resale values secondary to ‘Dieselgate,’ a saga involving roughly 11 million diesel-engined VW cars and SUVs sold globally with software designed to cheat emissions tests.

However, Canadians will need to wait until July 29th for a progress report on legal proceedings against VW inside their country, according to a report by the Toronto Star.

Similar compensation is expected between U.S. and Canadian plaintiffs, according to a recent statement from VW Canada.

“Our hope is to provide remedies to Canadians on pace with U.S. customers,” said Thomas Tetzlaff, Volkswagen Canada spokesperson, in an email statement obtained by the Star.

As it stands, U.S. owners of affected 2.0-litre diesel-powered VWs are to receive between $5,100 to $10,000 USD in compensation.

In addition to the payout to diesel owners, VW will also spend over $10 billion to either buy back or modify the diesel vehicles affected. In other words, VW owners can expect a pretty fat cheque from the automaker when legal action is finally settled.

Separate legal action is expected for owners of 3.0-litre diesel-powered VW vehicles affected by the cheat-software.

The U.S. government has also hit VW hard in the pocketbook, demanding $2.7 billion to cover environmental mitigation efforts meant to counter the excessive pollution emitted by cars involved in the scandal. VW has also been strong-armed by the U.S. government to spend $2 billion on zero-emission vehicle research inside the country.

There are roughly 100,000 diesel-powered VWs in Canada equipped with the cheatware that allowed diesel vehicles to pass emissions tests before defaulting to a more polluting setting for normal driving.

Sebastien Gauthier, a spokesman for Environment and Climate Change Canada, has said that VW Group Canada will meet with the agency next week to discuss remediation measures within Canada.

The ECCC’s enforcement branch continues to probe the potentially illegal importation of polluting VW Group vehicles into Canada, according to Gauthier.

$15.3 billion is a large sum of money–but with further legal action and governmental fines expected around the globe, that figure could still grow substantially over the coming months and years.

(VW, VW Canada and ECCC via The Star)