Vancouver city council is on track to introduce new fees for EV drivers who plug in to public charging stations with their battery-powered cars, reports CTV News.

A new program seeks to establish charging fees at 16 of the city’s public charging stations, forcing drivers to pay around $2 per hour, plus a regular parking rate for the vehicle, as it trickle-charges in its parking space; or up to $16 per hour, plus the parking rate, at quick-charge stations.

Naturally, proponents of EVs stand in opposition of the charging fees, but increasing electricity costs are putting upward pressure on charging costs.

The city of Vancouver said in a statement that, despite the tabled charging fees, it would still cost nearly twice as much to fill the gas tank of an efficient conventionally-powered economy car than it would to recharge the battery of an EV given the city’s proposed fees.

Increased EV charger usage in Vancouver is pushing the issue to the forefront; the city says charging sessions at public charging stations have more than doubled since 2015, to 17,000 sessions last year alone.

(CTV News)