Bugatti’s planning a limited production run for its new Chiron hypercar, building an estimated 500 units over the next decade. But putting your name down for one of these $4.1 million CDN machines now means waiting a few years for it to be delivered—unless you go used.

Yes, the Chiron’s only been out less than half a year, but high-end car retailer Romans International already has listed the first second-hand example for sale in the U.K., which also has to be one of first in the world, reports EVO.

The “pre-loved” Bug shows just 2,140 km (1,330 miles); wears Nocturne Black paint with the factory protective film coating on top; and comes fitted with some $122,000 CDN in options. The asking price? A mere $6.01 million CDN.

Where did the $2 million bump in value come from? The fact that its being for sale means you can own the hottest new hypercar on the market now instead of later.

“Although the Chiron is not yet sold out, if you place an order today you will be waiting at least three or four years before the car could be built and delivered, so we are offering the chance to ‘jump the queue,’” Tom Jaconelli, director of Romans International, was quoted by EVO.

“But of course there is a hefty premium to pay for this privilege.”

Even for such an outrageous sum, the like-new Chiron is sure to find at a price at or very near to that number, the demand for Bugattis is so strong. But prospective buyers shouldn’t wait to make an offer—the carried-over factory warranty only lasts until April 2021, after all.

(Romans via EVO)