An unofficial record for “most people crammed into a Tesla Model S” was set late last month when 19 people tucked all their limbs inside an example of the seven-seat luxury EV.

Since the 1950s, people have been cramming themselves into telephone booths, Volkswagen Beetles, and even smart fortwos, and now the popular Tesla is getting in on the fad.

Guinness World Record professional endurance driver Carl Reese coordinated the record attempt on Christmas as part of an effort to raise awareness about a veterans charity, the Motorcycle Relief Project.

He likely won’t have it certified by Guinness, though, since it looks like some of the participants may not fit Guinness’ age (18 years old) or height (five-foot) requirements.

Nevertheless 19 people is pretty impressive. Well, until you find out the current record for people stuffed into a smart fortwo: 20.

(YouTube via Autoblog)