British owners of yellow cars have rallied behind an elderly man terrorized because tourists felt his yellow Vauxhall Corsa was ruining picturesque views of his home village.

Peter Maddox lives in Bibury, a town in the scenic Cotswolds region of the U.K. considered one of the beautiful places in England.

For that reason, it’s a tourist hot-spot, but in 2015 visitors started complaining the yellow hatchback was ruining photographs of Arlington Row, where Maddox lives in what we presume is a very old stone cottage.

The complaints began in 2015, and reached critical mass earlier this year, when vandals scratched the word “move” into the car’s hood, dented body panels, and smashed the windows, causing more than $10,000 worth of damage, according to the BBC.

That prompted Maddox to threaten replacement of the car with a lime-green one; he apparently relented and bought a grey car so the awful people of the world would leave him alone.


But then came a couple of amazing acts of solidarity: earlier this month, a convoy of 100 yellow cars cruised through the town in support of Maddox’s plight.

Organized by a Coventry resident named Matty Bee, the event attracted interest from around the world, but participation was limited to 100 cars – ranging from a Lamborghini to a tiny three-wheeler – for safety reasons.

And if that weren’t enough, Vauxhall then piped up to say it was renaming the shade of yellow used on the Corsa from Sunny Melon to Maddox Yellow as a nod to the elderly Bibury resident.

(via BBC)