Uber has unleashed a swarm of ad-toting drones to buzz motorists caught in stop-and-go Mexico City traffic with company advertisements, reports MIT Technology Review.

The quad-rotor drones bear advertisements which read “Driving by yourself? This is why you can never see the volcanoes,” written in Spanish.

The reference to the inability to see volcanoes alludes to Mexico City’s air-quality issues, wherein smog prevents locals from seeing the peaks of nearby volcanoes.

Uber is highly successful in Mexico City – its busiest market – but clearly wants to increase the number of commuters relying on its UberPOOL service.

As defined by Uber, the UberPOOL service coordinates car-pooling between fellow commuters and allows drivers to split the cost of each trip with a fellow UberPOOL patron. Uber takes a small fee, but with enough market share, the concept is lucrative.

According to Uber’s own research, on average it adds less than five minutes of travel time to carpool as opposed to driving alone.

The legality of Uber’s ad-equipped drone squadron is unclear as drone use remains in its infancy and government and aviation authorities are scrambling to catch up to the proliferation of drone use with relevant legislation.

(MIT Technology Review)