Two lucky car enthusiasts uncovered a modern-classic barn garage-find early April in Oklahoma: two identical Buick Grand Nationals with consecutive VINs, low mileage, and pristine interiors, reports Road and Track.

The black two-door coupes had only 952 and 1,298 kilometers on their odometers, respectively, and the original window stickers were still affixed when discovered.

A Facebook post by finder William Avila said the cars were originally listed for sale as a package deal for $200,000 USD.

Avila and his friend Shawn Matthews decided to check out the cars out of pure curiosity, with no intention of dropping six figures for the pair, but after protracted negotiations, the owner agreed to sell both cars to Matthews for a lower price.

Matthews reportedly intends to keep both cars together under his ownership after doing some minor restoration work, bringing them back to original running condition.

(Road & Track)