Twelve supercar drivers were charged with stunt driving and had their cars impounded by Ontario Provincial Police after witnesses alleged the dirty speedy dozen were “racing” up the 400 series highway in Barrie, Ontario on April 2, reports CTV News.

More than 20 supercars and high-end luxury cars, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Aston Martins, and a Rolls-Royce, were pulled over by OPP at the ONRoute rest stop just north of Mapleview Drive in Barrie.

The police organized the mass roadside stop after multiple drivers called 911 complaining the errant racers were swerving across multiple lanes, driving on the shoulder, and exceeding 150 km/h while travelling in caravan along Highway 407 and north on Highway 400.

Police say they pulled over the majority of the speeding vehicles, but a few got away.

“We managed to stop a large number of these vehicles. We didn’t get all of them, but we’re still investigating the other ones,” said OPP Constable Randal Haddrall.

Records from the 407 ETR pay-toll cameras will presumably be used to track down the drivers of the cars the OPP failed to stop.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable. There are tracks out there that promote racing, speeding, and crashing cars. You can easily access them. It doesn’t cost that much. So if you want to race, you want to drive your car and smash it up or whatever, that’s the place to do it,” concluded Haddrall.

We’re not aware of any Canadian racetracks that promote crashing and we would certainly boycott any that did. There are, however, indeed plenty of car clubs and track events that promote the development of car control skills for at-limit driving, enabling drivers to unleash and enjoy the full performance potential of their cars in the process, and we strongly encourage any would-be street racers to “take it to the track.”

(CTV News)