Japanese automaker Toyota is recalling some 3.4 million vehicles for defects involving leaking fuel tanks; and side curtain airbags with inflators that may injure passengers, reports Bloomberg.

Fuel tanks in vehicles like Prius hybrids and Corollas could leak when full of gas if emissions-control canisters crack in the tank, Toyota explained; the problem affects some 2.87 million cars worldwide.

In other vehicles, specifically Prius hybrids and Lexus CT cars, the curtain airbags may partially deploy while the vehicle is parked. The defective Autoliv-supplied airbags have been installed in 1.43 million cars.

The airbag defect involves cars built from October 2008 through April 2012, and the fuel tank defect cars built from April 2006 and August 2015. Roughly 932,000 vehicles are affected by both recalls.

Toyota told Bloomberg it is not aware of any deaths or injuries related to either defect, though Autoliv says it knows of a handful of cases of its airbags going off in parked cars in climates with wild temperature swings.

(via Bloomberg)