Toyota staged a unique truck-pull early March, demonstrating the capability of Tamiya’s R/C trucks by using them to tow an example of the automaker’s famed Hilux picku, reports CAR.

Toyota calculated that 30 kilograms of pulling power would be required to overcome the initial rolling resistance of its two-tonne Hilux, and so the automaker arranged for 15 R/C trucks, each responsible for roughly two kilograms of towing force, to pull one from the front bumper.

The R/C trucks were Tamiya Hilux Bruiser 4×4 models—1/10th scale versions of an earlier Hilux.

The Hilux pickup was left all but stock, save for a 15-eyelet towing arm mounted to the front, while the Tamiyas were packed with an additional 500 grams of payload for added traction; had their tires pumped up to 60 psi; and were set with their mini-gearboxes in low-range.