A suburban Toronto man has taken on the responsibility for admonishing drivers who exceed the speed limit on his street, a job he says the police aren’t doing.

Alex Weaver lives on Park Home Avenue, a residential street that runs west from Yonge Street a short drive north of Highway 401, where he watches for speeding drivers and walks into the street to force them to stop so he can tell them off.

Naturally, the Toronto Police want him to stop, as what he’s doing violates Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act, which sets the rules of the road in the province. And Weaver says he knows he’s taking a risk, but feels the police aren’t doing enough to address his concerns for the safety of his neighbourhood.

“It would be really, really bad—the loss of a child because of some idiots racing down our street,” he said. “That’s all it’s going to take.”

Many drivers don’t take kindly to Weaver’s interventions; he is routinely on the receiving end of middle fingers and an assortment of choice four-letter words. Toronto Police Constable Clint Stibbe says the cops want him to let them look after traffic enforcement, worried a disgruntled driver may hit Weaver with their car, whether intentionally or not.

Having tracked speeders on his street for about a year now, Weaver says he plans to start taking video of drivers who ignore the 40 km/h speed limit. He’s also thinking of adopting a tactic employed with some success by a woman in Nottinghamshire, UK: standing on the front lawn wielding a hair dryer like a police radar gun.

(via CBC)