A Tesla Model S buyer in Toronto, Ontario was shocked when after taking delivery of his car he found a large crack in the passenger-side A-pillar of the luxury automobile.

The owner, who goes by the uniquely Canadian alias “Snowstorm” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, said he noticed the defective A-pillar shortly after taking delivery, but not before driving off the dealer lot.

The Model S owner rightly asked how Tesla could miss such a significant defect during its inspection process.

“How can the delivery folks not see this as they are prepping the car? Would have been obvious on a wash. I don’t even know how can the part be replaced without taking apart a lot of things,” wrote Snowstorm.

“If I saw this on delivery, I would have asked for a different car.”

After contacting Tesla, the owner was reportedly requested to take his car to a factory-approved local body shop for assessment and possible repair or replacement.

A cracked A-pillar poses a major safety hazard, given that the car’s passenger compartment will likely collapse in the event of a roll-over, crushing its occupants.

Should we hear any developments on this story, we’ll keep you posted.

(Tesla Motors Club Forum)