Toronto’s Pfaff Auto sold the 999,999th Porsche 911 ever built, a Guards Red Targa4 GTS, to local enthusiast Rob Tenuta this month, the dealership reports.

That may seem like a strange milestone to celebrate, but it is a special one, since unlike the millionth car, Tenuta’s Targa will actually be enjoyed by a paying customer.

See, 911 number 1,000,000 – a Carrera S painted a special throwback shade called Irish Green and fitted with a custom interior that includes a mahogany steering wheel – will be displayed at the Porsche Museum following a world tour that will see it circle the Nurburgring race track before road-tripping in the Scottish Highlands, the USA and China, among other places.

Number one million won’t be coming to Canada, however, which makes the Toronto delivery of 999,999 even more special.

Porsche Cars Canada CEO Alexander Pollich was on hand to deliver Tenuta’s car in a ceremony at Pfaff. The car came with a desk plaque finished in the same anodized black as his Targa’s roll bar, and with a special certificate. We think he also gets a certain amount of bragging rights in being able to say his car rolled off the production line just before the milestone millionth model.

Porsche says more than 70 percent of all the 911s it has ever built are still “ready to drive” today. And despite nearly being replaced in the late 1970s by the V8-powered 928, the 911 “makes a huge contribution to maintaining Porsche’s position as one of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world.” These days, of course, those profits are bolstered by the brand’s popular Cayenne and Macan SUV models.


(via Automotive News Canada, Pfaff Auto and Porsche)