The Toronto Police Service is asking the public for input regarding the redesign of the paint scheme that adorns the city’s cruisers after a ghostly grey theme was roundly criticized, reports the Canadian Press.

Police chief Mark Saunders approved the initial design, which was applied to 79 cars before public outcry halted the process and prompted the department to begin soliciting suggestions from the city’s residents.

For context, the current cop car livery – white with red-and-blue striping and the motto “To protect and serve” in cursive script – is about 30 years old. But we gather the public wouldn’t have liked any of the three proposed designs the chief had to choose from last year, as all used grey as their base colour.

“It certainly seems to be a topic of conversation with everybody having a different opinion and that’s the type of opinion that we want to get as part of the survey,” police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray told the Press. “But it’s time for a change.”

The survey now available to the public consists of 14 multiple-choice questions that ask, among other things, what characteristic the cars should project; what the base colour should be (yes, grey is still an option); and should the design include a “swoosh” (TPS’ wording) as it does now? The survey also asks the public’s opinion on where the TPS crest and motto should appear, and what elements of the design should be most prominent.

Meaghan Gray says survey results will be presented to the TPS board in May, with a decision to follow for the look of the force’s remaining 600 cars. The city says implementing the new design won’t increase costs, as the cars that have already been done up in controversial gray will be left that way.

(via the Canadian Press)