Off-roading is a rite of passage for any Jeep Wrangler owner—but only where lawful to do so. A Wrangler owner who attempted to drive out onto Lake Ontario at Cherry Beach on January 10 soon found himself stuck on thin ice, with the Toronto Police Marine Unit en route.

A local tow truck driver declined to tow the rugged jeep from the shallow water, so an otherwise uneventful cable-winch tow became a “rescue” mission by the TPS Marine Unit, leaving the driver of the Jeep with a hefty bill for the removal of his vehicle, reports blogTO.

It’s lawful to drive your vehicle onto many of Canada’s lakes during the winter months – in fact many lakes have designated ice roads crossing their surfaces once temperatures are sufficiently cold – but it’s important to check with local authorities that your intended driving route is lawful, and that the ice is thick enough before attempting to drive out onto the surface of any body of water.