Toronto’s Emmet Ray whisky bar wanted to make sure when its St. Paddy’s Day patrons headed home that they’d “Arrive Alive,” and so served up brews on coasters made from cars wrecked by drunk drivers to encourage them to act responsibly, reports Adweek.

After teaming with the Arrive Alive charitable organization, the bar had custom coasters stamped out of wrecked cars’ sheet metal with the message “This coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home” etched into the base.

The coasters were shared and promoted in social media posts by both Emmet Ray and Arrive Alive.

“This St. Patrick’s Day weekend, our drinks will be served on coasters made from crashed cars. We’re partnering with Arrive Alive to share this important reminder to not drink and drive. #ArriveAlive,” tweeted Emmet Ray.

“Impaired driving remains one of the leading criminal causes of death in Canada,” said Michael Stewart, Arrive Alive program director.

“We wanted to remind people, on the biggest drinking night of the year, that there are consequences to driving drunk—and remind them to use a designated driver, take transit, or download The Ride App for a safe ride home.”