From Russia, with a love of simplicity, comes the Partisan One, a super-simple utility vehicle whose maker, Partisan Motors, says it designed to easily ship to war zones where the vehicles can be quickly assembled and deployed.

We’re sure you’ve all joked at one point or another about what it would be like to buy cars from Swedish furniture giant IKEA, and the Partisan One gives us an idea: the parts come flat-packed for ease of shipping and simplicity of assembly, and the square exoskeleton chassis is designed so you can stack one of them on top of another.

Further, the Partisan One comes with an unbelievable 100-year warranty that, even more unbelievably, covers “the entire car in addition to its wearing parts.”

Once screwed together, the Partisan One is larger than a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and comes with a Fiat 2.8-litre diesel engine as its standard power source, though Partisan says an enterprising buyer would have little trouble fitting the vehicle with just about any power source they preferred, including an electric motor and batteries.

The round holes that ring the body are there to mount armour plating, and Partisan offers the option of a V-shaped underbody plate to deflect blasts from land mines and roadside bombs.

We have to wonder if door latches and a parking brake are optional too: Partisan’s photos show the rear wheels chocked with rocks and doors held shut with green string.

Assuming no direct artillery or bomb hits (or doors falling open and the truck rolling away) Partisan boastfully claims its creation was conceived to stand up to at least 50 years of military use before needing to be replaced.

In addition to this SUV-like model, Partisan also offers pickup variants with three and five doors, and the company says that 6×6 and eight-wheel drive versions are forthcoming.