For reasons we can’t fully comprehend, California’s Newport Convertible Engineering has just revealed it’s chopped the top off a Super-Crew Ford F-150 to create an open-air version of Canada’s favourite vehicle.

Newport – located in Huntington Beach, and no stranger to unique custom convertibles – engineered the electrically-folding top to stow itself at the head of the utility box, minimizing any limits to the vehicle’s utility.

A heavily reinforced B-pillar and roll-bar assembly is designed to withstand the forces of a roll-over, protecting the occupants even if the truck is shiny-side-down.

In order to open or close the top, the driver or front passenger simply presses a button located at the top of the windshield surround—the rest is automatic—no getting out to latch or button anything into place.

Newport says there is apparently “extreme worldwide demand” for the truck, and reportedly has requested more than 5,000 F-150s from Ford in order to complete new-unit conversions.

(Newport Convertible Engineering)