When you hit the end of the road and get stuck there, you’ll take all the help you can get. And if that end of the road happens to be on Canada’s East Coast, the help you’ll get will be from CRB Automotive, stars of a new Discovery Channel series, Last Stop Garage.

Family-run CRB Automotive is the only garage in North West River, Labrador, situated on one of the furthest driveable points on the eastern seaboard, in a community of just over 500 people.

When it comes to mechanical repairs, there’s just about no job they won’t tackle, from airplanes to wheelchairs to Zambonis—even if they have to use a little backwoods ingenuity to make it happen.

The shop is the star of a new Discovery Channel series, Last Stop Garage, which chronicles the repairs they’re often tasked with pulling off, the garage’s odd family dynamic, as well as the eccentric locals in North West River.


From episode one where CRB owner (and professional MMA fighter) Collin Baikie and his crew use a few half-trucks to build an off-road rescue machine; to part-way through the season where they scratchbuild a snowmobile-driven tanker truck, the sorts of work the garage takes on is unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Last Stop Garage kicks off Discovery’s “Mashup Mondays” every Monday at 900pm EST, starting October 23, followed by Canada’s Worst Driver.