We wouldn’t call ourselves automotive purists by any means, but it doesn’t take too much for us to yell “blasphemy.” An authentic ’78 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II with a turbocharger, Ford four-speed and off-road suspension. Oh, hey, here’s one now.

The Trolls-Royce is the latest effort from enthusiast Corbin Goodwin – who you may remember as the builder of the now-Internet-infamous “Zero F**ks Given” Mazda RX-7 a few years back – to piss off keyboard-classic-car-nuts, and if your sensibilities are anything like ours, it’s already working.

Goodwin took the Silver Shadow, hacked up the hood and grille to make room for a twin-scroll turbocharger and front-mounted intercooler he’d been gifted, and then further desecrated the bodywork with half-assed fender flares.

Under those flares sit Porsche Panamera wheels mounted to 31-inch – Jesus! – shocks for off-roading, and the radiator now lives in the trunk. The trans is out of a Ford F-250, and the rear diff has been welded.

If that’s not got you seething yet, the driver’s door features a kill-list-type host of flags of former British colonies, and that intercooler’s been emblazoned with “God Save the E.U.”

The mishmash of parts makes our head hurt, but according to journalist Matt Farah, who took the Trolls for a spin, while the 4,200-lb British frigate looks like “the dumbest car in the world,” it actually handles surprisingly well and can straight-up perform. We have to give it props for that.

Farah’s full test drive, if you’re curious and haven’t yet your screen on fire, is posted below. If you’ll excuse us, we have to apply some eye-bleach.

(via YouTube)