There’s no dearth of upscale vehicles that command six-figure prices, but how many factory paint options can you name that cost that much?

We can tell you of one: It’s Porsche’s Chromaflair paint, an option that adds about $128,000 CDN to the MSRP of the company’s 911 Turbo S, and it’s not hard to see why you might want to pay that much for it.

It’s available in four colours – the Python Green hue you see here, plus blue, gold, and violet – but takes on other shades depending on your viewing angle. Knowing what we know about Porsche and its pricey options, this paint doesn’t cost the manufacturer anywhere near its list price to apply to a customer’s car, but it can’t be an inexpensive treatment.

According to an Instagram post by the folks behind an account called PTSRS, Porsche does just five cars in each of its Chromaflair paint colours every year. That makes the Python Green example Porsche used as a show car at the recent Oldtimer Grand Prix, held at the Nurburgring race track, a pretty rare sight.

The Chromaflair paints are part of the Porsche Exclusiv Manufaktur vehicle personalization program, which handles special requests from buyers willing to spend whatever it takes to make dreams come true. Porsche boasts that regardless of what aspect of the car the customer is looking to customize, the work is done by hand.

(via Top Speed)