When muscle car enthusiasts David Walden and Steve Been realized they both lamented the fact Plymouth never offered a four-door version of its handsomely styled Barracuda sports car, they did what any passionate hot rodder would—they built one themselves.

As documented on their website chronicling the build of their one-off creation, Walden and Been spared no time or expense in creating a four-door ’Cuda that very closely resembles factory build quality and detailing.

The build was completed in partnership with ECS Automotive, which sourced the majority of the parts used to complete the project car.

Walden and Been’s production team went so far as to finish the car with period-specific factory stickers and decals—even on parts and components that would not normally be seen without some measure of disassembly of the car.

This four-door classic was completed with entry into the SEMA “Battle of the Builders” event in mind, so painstaking effort was put into every weld and painted surface to ensure fit and finish consistent with factory standards of the time.

The final product – which Walden dubs an “all-new 1970 4-Door Plymouth Barracuda” – speaks for itself, with rear doors seamlessly integrated into the chassis, like they’ve been there all along.

“Each component from large to small had to be fabricated, constructed, and assembled from scratch,” said David Walden.

“The entire vehicle had to be custom built to achieve this ‘one-of-a-kind’ concept design with the characteristics of a factory built car.”