Cadillac’s new CT6 sedan will now come equipped with an industry-first surround-view video recording system.

The system functions as an elaborate dash-cam setup and is touted to increase driver safety, situational awareness and vehicle security while the car is left unattended.

The video system can function in three main modes of operation: actively recording the front and rear view of the vehicle while driving, showing a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings while parking, or passively waiting for a disturbance to the vehicle’s security system before kicking in to record.

Modern roadways are fraught with unscrupulous drivers who are often quick to make fraudulent insurance claims–hence the massive rise in popularity of aftermarket dash-cameras. Cadillac is no doubt responding to this uptick in demand by offering a more advanced and far better integrated factory system to its customers.

While many vehicles now come factory-equipped with a single exterior backup camera, the CT6 makes use of four cameras for video monitoring and recording, and an additional three cameras for its lane-keeping assist, night vision, and rear-camera mirror systems.

All 2016 CT6 Luxury, Premium Luxury and Platinum models are equipped with Cadillac’s surround-vision video recording system.