Jeep finally took the covers off of its next-generation 2018 Jeep, releasing a handful of photos that hint at some of the many changes made to the all-new SUV.

Fiat Chrysler is keeping specs, details, and specific upgrades under wraps until the vehicle’s debut at the Los Angeles auto show at the end of November, but the images suggest some major structural changes.

The JL-generation Wrangler will, for example, still have an easily removable roof and doors, but from the photos it looks like the fold-down windshield of today’s JK has been modified so that the A-pillars stay in place while the center folds over.


Jeep calls the folding ability “convenient,” which the current Wrangler’s windshield fold-down process most certainly isn’t.

Turn signals have been integrated into the front of the fender, and a vent looks like it exhausts underhood air just behind it. The hood also gains some scoops, and there’s a prominent beltline near the top of the doors.

Profile shots into the interior – thanks to those easy-off doors – appear to show a lever for a manually activated transfer case and a manual transmission. All in all, it looks like the JL may have been revamped to more directly appeal to enthusiasts.


That thought is backed up by the point Mopar’s already begun offering performance parts for the just-unveiled Jeep, including bead-lock wheels; custom bumpers, brush guards, and snorkels; and striping and lighting packages.

Fiat Chrysler’s parts arm showed off a variety of these at the SEMA show happening this week in Las Vegas.

The new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL of course keeps the traditional seven-slot grille, though the headlights have moved inward to take up space in the outside slots; overall, the new Wrangler still looks a lot like the old one.

Whether enthusiasts and buyers at large are keen on the minor changes, though, has yet to be seen.