This past summer, we told you about a classic Porsche flat-six engine that Singer Vehicle Design and the Williams Advanced Engineering F1 team restored and tuned for 500 hp, and now we know what car that fantastic-looking motor will go into.

It’s a classic 911 that has gone on a serious diet thanks to the extensive use of lightweight materials like carbon fibre, titanium, aluminum, and magnesium, and we love it. Road & Track shared these renderings of the car from renowned artist Daniel Simon, though, so we’ll let you decide for yourself on its looks.

Thanks to its high-tech construction, the car boasts a dry weight of just 989 kg (2,180 lbs), putting this car’s mass in the same ballpark as a 1960s era 911, only with a comparatively much more insane power-to-weight ratio.

Singer and Williams developed this car for wealthy Porsche collector Scott Blattner, working with a Porsche Le Mans racecar designer named Norbert Singer (no relation to California’s Singer Vehicle Design) to lend the project some serious aerodynamic cred. Herr Singer put scoops all over the car’s body but has done so without spoiling the slick lines of this gorgeous car.

This widebody’s fenders wrap themselves around 18-inch BBS wheels made to look like the Fuchs rims that are so desirable on classic 911s; they may look old, but they’re shod with modern Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires and fit around what appear to be huge Brembo brakes.

We also get our first look at this car’s interior, which combines the exterior’s green with pretty reddish-brown leather racing seats. The shifter on the narrow console is connected to a six-speed Hewland manual transmission that shifts in an H-pattern.

Using Blattner’s car as a template, Singer says it will offer this package to an additional 75 clients. It hasn’t revealed what it will cost but if you want one, our best advice is to save your pennies.

(via Road & Track)