Yeah, he’s serious: the owner of this 1996 Suzuki Vitara spared no time or effort creating a veritable blockbuster used-vehicle ad, posted to YouTube April 12.

Described as the owner’s “best friend for 10 years,” the well-worn Vitara is apparently a super-hero’s natural pick—it makes the Batmobile look like a golf cart.

It’s capable of rocketing to the moon; driving along the ocean floor; scaling the sketchiest of mountain cliffs; and conquering the tallest sand dunes. At least, if you can believe the video.

The two-door 4X4 even makes a Mad Max cameo, and drives amongst dinasours. Impressive and imaginative, indeed.

The owner implores his viewers to purchase his Suzuki via the hashtag “#BUYMYVITARA,” closing his video with credits which explain that the extravagant video production was completed as a learning exercise, and for fun.

If you’re in the market for a previously loved Suzuki Vitara, or are in the mood to be entertained, you’ll want to watch the world’s most elaborate used car sales clip, above.

Having mustered 1.1-million views to date, we imagine the seller will find a buyer in due course.

(Eugene Romanovsky via YouTube)