Most drivers trying to offer a friendly beep of their car horn resort to making the noise as quick as possible, as opposed to “standing on the horn” as when upset or signalling danger.

But Mark Rober, a savvy engineer-turned-YouTuber, wasn’t satisfied with the status quo and decided to rig up his own solution, later posted June 14 to his YouTube channel.

By installing a three-button controller in his Volkswagen Jetta, Rober was able to wire three unique soundtracks ranging from friendly to furious into his grocery-getter.

On the friendly end of the spectrum is a somewhat cordial double-toot tune that elicits hilarious responses from bystanders and pedestrians when used liberally.

So friendly is the most-polite horn option that Rober quips his updated VW was granted Canadian citizenship.

When tempers flare, however, the angry horn button is at the ready, wired directly to a big-rig-styled air-horn assembly that perfectly articulates a driver’s wrathful rage.

Want your own multi-horn? You’re in luck. Beyond demonstrating his variable car horn system, Rober goes on to demonstrate how you can build your own similar system from parts readily available at hardware shops and electronic stores.