Since it took off, the rat rod trend has been under more scrutiny than most custom car scenes, especially in Canada, where road laws can be a little harsher than they are Stateside. In fact, the potential illegality of a full-size rat rod is what drove one Ontario man to build this radical rat-rodded 1960s Viking mini-mower instead. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, right?

Even the dark clouds emitted by the 10-hp Yanmar L100 single-cylinder clone driving this thing. Chris “Doc” Smith of YouTube channel Sprocket’s Garage told HOT ROD he built the “Diesel Weasel” using the Viking’s stock hood and frame but with a wheelbarrow tub for a body; a custom front dropped axle; a front bumper made from trailer leaf springs; a one-inch go-cart drive axle; Yamaha brake parts; and the aforementioned diesel one-lung engine.

Best of all, this “mow-kart” – with a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) – has a separate tank to feed raw fuel into the exhaust, making this wild weed-whacker a flame-throwing fire hazard, too. (Probably not a feature you want to use on large swaths of grass.)

Check out the Diesel Weasel in action below, and head over to the YouTube channel for videos of the build.

(HOT ROD via YouTube)