A California father of two has secured his kids’ titles as the playground’s most bad-ass by transforming their pedal cars into a pair of Mad Max-inspired death machines.

Ian Pfaff from Glendale took his children’s Little Tykes toy cars from boring to fear-inspiring desert-crawlers with some paint, scrap metal and some heaps of creativity, reports the Daily Mail.

Pfaff says his design for the Little Tykes cars was inspired by the 2015 blockbuster hit Mad Max: Fury Road.

In order to complete his artistic creations, Pfaff affixed parts from computers; an espresso machine; and even his wife Emily’s breast pump, which was used to create faux exhaust pipes, to the classic yellow-and-red plastic shells of two Little Tykes crawler cars.

Emily chipped in by creating matching Mad Max-themed wardrobes for her little ones.

The creative father is a film director by trade, and frequently builds props for his flicks.

Pfaff says his two-year-old daughter regularly uses her intimidating ride to chase the family pug around the home.

“Our friends and family love it, and I enjoy seeing people get a kick out of them,” said Pfaff in an interview with BuzzFeed.

(BuzzFeed via Daily Mail)