Jonathan Ward of ICON custom trucks has transformed a beleaguered 1965 Ford F250 Crew Cab into a finely tuned, polished retro-modern pickup, with Cummins diesel power and a thorough revamp of its exterior body, reports Motor Authority.

Ward takes pickup restorations to a whole new level, bestowing this truck with attention to detail typically reserved for high-end sports car projects.

Instead of simply updating the existing truck, Ward essentially took the best of the Ford’s styling and interior design and blended it with Dodge’s brilliant 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab underpinnings, thus creating a Frankentruck masterpiece.

The Ford’s body panels were individually measured and modified to fit on their newfound platform, with incredibly tight (for a ’60s Ford pickup) panel gaps. The resulting package, blended with the beautifully finished paint job, looks the part, and gives the truck a modern edge.

Not satisfied with the heavy-duty truck’s rough ride, Ward replaced the suspension with a system from Cory Chase Truck off-road suspensions, and modified the rear leaf-springs for good measure.

For that final touch of custom truck detail, Ward replaced the classic Ford lettering on the grill with “ICON” lettering, in the same vintage font.

(Motor Authority)