A mother and Calgary public school teacher is attempting to be an absolutely perfect driver through the month of October in an effort to get other motorists to attempt the same.

“I wouldn’t describe myself as a bad driver. But a driver who might push the rules occasionally,” Shannon Nichols said in an interview with the Calgary Eyeopener.

“I just thought I could probably brush up on some of my skills. I usually try to slow down and then I’ll look at the speedometer and just notice it’s not quite at 30 km/h and also there’s a lot of stop signs and I tend to the rolling stop every now and then.”

Nichols says she was inspired to follow road laws as closely as possible after she noticed she was occasionally speeding and rolling through stop signs in school zones-there are five of them along her commute to work, and being a teacher, she eventually parks in one.

Given the timing of the new school year’s start in September, Nichols is challenging other drivers to do the same, and make an effort to follow road laws more closely.

Canadian roads are progressively getting safer, according to a Transport Canada report which shows motor vehicle fatalities dropping significantly since 2013.

In 2014, 1,834 motorists lost their lives, down six percent from the previous year. The number of serious injuries resulting from traffic collisions is also down dramatically, having dropped 9.5 percent to 9,647 injuries in calendar year 2014-the most recent year covered by the annual statistical report.

(Calgary Eyeopener via CBC News)