Installing snow chains on your tires has just got a lot easier thanks to Czech inventor Petr Gross, who’s created “snow chain hubs” that deploy traction-aid arms at the touch of a button, from the comfort of a vehicle’s cabin.

Gross was inspired to create the automated traction-aid tire solution after a frustrating roadside attempt to install traditional tire chains left him in despair, reports Reuters.

The traction-aid hubs were in development for three years before a working prototype was perfected and ready for road use.

A pre-installed hub assembly works as a quick-attach base for the outer, automated housing to latch onto. The outer housing can be installed by simply aligning it with the base, and twisting it on until it locks into place—no tools required.

Once fully installed, each hub’s four traction arms can be deployed automatically, with the touch of a button.

The traction device is intended mainly for trucks and buses since these vehicles seldom switch to winter tires due to excessive costs, yet in the most severe weather, these vehicles must deploy tire chains—lest they be stranded.

“We see the future of the chains mainly for trucks and buses because those vehicles are using mostly only summer tyres… and the use of some anti-slips or chains is crucial for them,” said Gross.

Gross aims to bring his invention to Canada, Russia, the U.S. and Europe.