To celebrate its centenary, the Canadian division of tire manufacturer Yokohama has embarked on a very unique project: to find some of the best outsdoors-y types and craftspeople this side of the border and propose they build their next works with, uh, tires.

Well!? What better material than rubber to improve the performance of the accessories we use in our favorite recreational activities?

Of all the Canadian artists who responded to the call, three were selected.

Peter Feeney, Toronto designer of high-end shoes
Each pair of shoes this artist (pictured, top) produces requires at least forty hours of work.

Accustomed to Oxford-style brogues that retail over $1,000 – they are tailor-made, after all – the young artisan, just 30 years old, used the smooth sole of an ADVAN tire to make a pair of auto racing shoes.

Perfect for “switching from one pedal to the other effortlessly during heel-toe braking,” says Yokohama.


Tom Millar, the Ontario-bred surf wizard
Tom Millar brings a magical touch to Ausmosis Surfboards in St. Catherines, Ontario. His is the only company in Canada to design and manufacture surfboards and paddle boards.

This time, it was the W Drive tires he put to use in creating a surfboard, “because they retain their grip in cold and wet conditions,” Yokohama said.

Brian Sinnott, owner saddle-makers Finchams Harness
This shop, in operation for over 40 years in Nobleton, some thirty kilometers north of Toronto, takes equestrian pursuits to the next level.


For the occasion, the company designed a rodeo saddle to highlight the performance and durability of the Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 tire.

The three works will be admired at Yokohama dealers across the country this summer.