More than even many popular vehicles, luxury cars like the BMW 4 Series and X1 are the most likely to have been involved in a collision, according to a new report.

WikiLender, an online auto loan aggregator, recently compiled a list of the 10 vehicles most likely to have been involved in a collision.

But they’ve gone a step further by including what percentage of each of these damaged vehicles were repaired following an unreported collision, based on information from appraisal inspectors.

We assumed a list like this would jive with sales stats regarding the most popular cars and trucks on the market, but, surprisingly, that’s not the case—in fact, all the cars on this list are from upscale brands.

Topping the list is the BMW 4 Series, introduced in 2014 as the two-door sibling to the 3 Series sedan. WikiLender found 18.5 percent of these German coupes – nearly one in five – had been in a collision, and almost half of those collision repairs, 7 percent total, were unreported.

Next is another BMW, the X1 compact crossover, of which 18 percent had been in a crash, with 5.3 percent of those going unreported.

Following that is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, with 16.5 percent showing evidence of a collision, but 5.6 percent of those having been revealed only through an inspection.

It’s followed by another Brit, the Jaguar XJ: 15.7 percent overall; 7.5 per cent unreported. The Infiniti JX comes in at fifth spot: 14.6 percent overall; 5.4 percent unreported.

The list continues with the Lexus RX 350 in sixth (14.4 percent overall; 3.8 per cent unreported); the Audi A5, competitor to the BMW 4 Series (14.2 percent overall; 4.7 per cent unreported); and the Cadillac ATS (14.1 per cent overall; 5.6 per cent unreported).

Lexus reappears in ninth spot with the CT 200h compact hybrid hatchback (13.6 per cent overall; 5 percent unreported) and rounding the list out is the Infiniti QX60, the successor to the JX listed above (13.5 per cent overall; 5.5 per cent unreported).