If your five-year-old has been whining about how their Power Wheels doesn’t have the same wicked stance mommy’s or daddy’s car does, well, there’s now a fix for that.

Car enthusiast Denver Pettigrew Jr. launched KidStance, a Power Wheels toy car customization shop, in 2011 after a one-off toy supercar he created for his son drew praise, adoration, and envy from local car enthusiasts of all ages.

Pettigrew enjoys sharing his passion for cars with his adolescent son and says the connection they share with automobiles inspired him to open his shop located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, enabling other families to connect around cars.

“KidStance’s goal is to extend this bonding experience to car enthusiasts of all ages,” says KidStance on its Facebook page.

“It is an honour to be able to inspire, influence, and introduce the next generation to the car scene while creating a unique product experience that maintains the essence of childhood.”

Pettigrew and his wife Vicktoria, who is also a car enthusiast and works for the company, are able to create toy cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans of all stripes, and are keen to customize cars to the smallest detail.

Parents have ordered toy cars outfitted with custom interiors, with some even going so far as to specify the installation of high-fidelity stereo systems, video screens, back-up cameras, and luxurious upholsteries.

Pettigrew says his shop can “do just about anything to these toys that are done to real cars.”

The list of custom modifications is long and includes the installation of air-ride suspensions; sport or chrome wheels; lighting systems; audio systems; vinyl wraps; fender flares; lip kits; wings and spoilers; front and rear diffusers; and decals.

KidStance, as the name suggests, specializes in lowering cars, and adding “stance,” including cartoonish – and, as on real cars, dysfunctional – negative wheel cambers.

Toy trucks and pickups can also be fitted with lift kits; in fact, KidStance will sell a copy of Canada’s best-selling vehicle, the Ford F-150, with custom paint and a lift kit for play-time adventures masquerading as farm work.

Parents can also convert their kid’s rides to align with their overseas persuasions with right-hand-drive kits, or, if they’d rather steer for their kids, remote-control systems.

KidStance’s toy cars typically start at around $500 USD, with some customization projects costing north of $5,000 USD.

If you’d like to park a Lamborghini in your garage basement, you’ll have to get in line—due to popular demand, KidStance has a wait list that’s several months backlogged.

(KidStance via FaceBook)