Porsche will lift the covers off of its new wagon-esque Panamera Sport Turismo at the Geneva Motor Show early March, previewing the new super-stylish super-practical addition to the Panamera line due to hit Canadian dealers later this year.

The redesigned Panamera was already a huge improvement over its predecessors, with a much more nicely shaped rump, but the Sport Turismo adds even more style, in our opinion, along “increased luggage compartment volume,” a lower loading edge, and three seats across the back row, a nice bonus.

Available in 4, 4S, 4 E-Hybrid and Turbo trims, the Panamera Sport Turismo can be equipped with engines delivering anywhere from 330 to 550 horsepower—that’s the sort of variety not all wagons can offer.

Setting the Sport Turismo apart from its rivals, too, is an adaptively extendible roof spoiler with three settings that change depending on driving situation. At peak efficiency, the wing can add up to 110 lbs of downforce on the rear axle, vastly improving grip at speeds; or at about 90 km/h with the panoramic roof open, it can deploy to lower wind noise.

For the first time in a Panamera, a 2+1 bench can be fitted out back, though the standard two seats in the rear are also optional. There’s better headroom, too, and an additional 20 to 50 litres of luggage space over the sedan, depending on how you have the seats folded. A loading system with latching points and rails embedded in the trunk floor is optional.

The Panamera 4 Sport Turismo will set you back $109,700 when it arrives in Canada in the fourth quarter of 2017, while the top-of-the-line Turbo starts at more than $175,000.