Rolls-Royce has built its first-ever fully electric car, dubbed the SRH—a one-off mini-roadster meant to uplift sick kids prior to their surgeries.

In concert with St. Richard’s Hospital Pediatric Day Surgery Unit – from which the car gets its name – Rolls-Royce set about to create a small electric children’s car that young patients could drive themselves to surgery in.

Mock road signs have been posted in the hospital hallways to guide the youngsters in the right direction.

The diminutive one-seater is both the smallest vehicle and the first electrically-powered vehicle the British automaker has made.

The SRH is powered by small, silent electric motor fed by a 24-volt battery. Vehicle speed is controlled by way of steering wheel-mounted paddles, and terminal velocity is reached at 16 km/h—though the smallest of drivers can be limited to 6 km/h so as not to outrun the nurses.