Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s new The Grand Tour TV show has netted millions of viewers since its debut last month—but not all of them are paying to watch it. Its popularity has in fact earned it the dubious honour of most illegally downloaded show in history.

According to a December 10 report by The Daily Mail, the first episode of the new show – headed by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May – has been illegally downloaded for free a record 7.9 million times since its launch on November 18.

The second and third episodes have been ripped off 6.4- and 4.6-million times, respectively, though those numbers are still climbing.

Digital pirates in Britain are responsible for 13.7 percent of all of the illegal downloads thus far, the largest share by country.

Amazon, as producer of the new show, stands to lose millions due to the sticky-finger downloading activity. It’s estimated £3.2 million ($5.3 million CAD) has been lost in revenue in Britain alone by way of illegal downloads of episode one.

Going forward, the fledgling TV producer stands to lose tens of millions of dollars if the unlawful downloading is not curbed.

Research company MUSO compiled the illegal download statistics, and said the data was unprecedented.

“We monitor thousands of campaigns and this one really stands out,” said Chris Elkins, MUSO chief commercial officer, adding the findings were “absolutely incredible.”

“It is the most illegally downloaded programme ever. It is off the scale in terms of volume. It has overtaken every big show, including Game Of Thrones, for the totals across different platforms.”

The Grand Tour is hosted by Clarkson, Hammond, and May, formerly of the BBC’s Top Gear, and targets car enthusiasts with episodes on exotic car reviews and test drives.

(The Daily Mail with photo via Amazon)