What was that about lightning not striking a couple of times? The Ford F-150 Lightning is back, though to be clear it’s not being offered by Ford officially, just as a 650-horsepower dealership special out of Georgia.

Lucky enough for truck enthusiasts, Pioneer Ford did this thing right, and it still comes with the factory warranty and financing, so who cares if it doesn’t have a special VIN or something?

The dealership – which, not coincidentally, is a licensed Roush parts retailer – put together its modern Lightning on a bottom-spec single-cab short-bed F-150 XL, adding trick touches like dual side-exit exhaust pipes, tuned suspension, a classic-styled five-spoke wheel blown up to 22 inches and, oh yeah, a 5.0-litre V8 supercharged to 650 horses.

The truck basically takes Roush’s 4.2-second-zero-to-100 km/h “fastest street truck in the world” Nitemare package and adds even more power, less weight, and some retro Lightning badging.

You get all of that and a factory warranty for $50,000 US—plus all the usual factory Ford rebates and incentives apply.

The first Lightning Tribute they built sold before they could list it, but they managed to get this second one into their inventory, and to show it off to the world, before it rolled out the lot. If we had to guess, they’re going to be building more than a few of these before too long.

(via Truck Yeah!)