Dodge announced February 9 that one of the ways its upcoming 2018 Challenger SRT Demon will make more power than its Hellcat sibling is via a massive cold-air intake attached to what it calls the largest hood scoop on a production car.

The “Air Grabber” scoop – the name was first fixed to a manually opened scoop on Chrysler’s ’70s muscle cars – will feature a 45-square-inch opening leading directly to a sealed airbox feeding a supercharger. Two “Air Catcher” inlets built into the inner headlights complement the scoop, and help lower inlet temps by 30 degrees F.

The other scoop? Turns out the 215 lbs Dodge shaved off of the Hellcat to build the lighter Demon came mostly in the form of eliminated unnecessaries, like, y’know, the seats.

The rear seat and passenger seat will now be optional parts – the darned things weighed 113 lbs, with belts and componentry included – and the carpet, trunk trim, parking sensors, and most of the stereo, save two door-mounted speakers, are all gone. Oh yeah, so are 18 pounds of Noise, Vibration, and Handling (NVH) pieces, meaning the Demon’s going to be pretty Loud and Rumbly.

Finally, every Demon will come with its own crate of installable speed parts and a toolbox so it can be easily converted from street-legal to pure quarter-mile attacker.


Couple this with the fact we know it will come from the factory with Nitto 315/40R18 drag radials on all four corners, and you could call us “very excited.”

We’ll find out full details when the car is revealed in April in New York.