Tesla Motors’ latest upgrade to its Model S’ software will now let owners have the car autonomously park itself or withdraw itself from a parking spot, via the car’s Autopilot feature.

Update version 7.1 lets owners “summon” their car out of their garage and into their driveway using the key fob, even if the garage door is closed, Jalopnik quote Motherboard.

(That is, assuming the car is connected to the door via a HomeLink connection.)

Using the sensors and camera built into the car, it can even reverse into a space, though it seems it has to be lined up in front of it properly for the Autopilot to work.

Autopilot 7.1 can also park in a perpendicular spot, like at a mall, and can now better identify other types of vehicles around it, as well as lane markings.

BMW’s new 7 Series has a similar auto-park/summon feature, but it requires even more manual guidance than Tesla’s. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk says he expects to release a fully autonomous car within two years.

(Jalopnik via Motherboard)