The latest data from used car research company suggests something many of us have suspected for some time: men and women’s preferences differ when it comes time to choose a colour for a car.

iSeeCars says it analyzed 700,000 consumer inquiries on its website and 30 million actual used car sales in 2016 to find the latest car paint colours that each gender prefers more than the other.

Their research found women have a newfound preference for teal and green, while last year’s second-most popular colour among women — beige — is now at the bottom of the list.

Women bought teal-coloured cars 19 percent more often than men, and while they chose green just 4.3 percent more frequently, it marks that hue’s first appearance in the iSeeCars gender-based colour preference ranking.

Meanwhile, the data showed that among men, the more things change, the more they stay the same: yellow and orange placed one and two among colours men preferred more than women, but those preferences were more pronounced in 2016.

Guys chose yellow 33.9 percent more (up from 20.7) and took home orange cars 32.6 percent more (an increase from 23 percent). Black and brown cars also posted gains among male buyers. There were no new entries on the list of colours men preferred.

The study also looked at vehicle types, revealing men prefer pickups upwards of 200 percent more often than women, and choose convertibles and coupes 33.5 and 31.6 percent more frequently. Meanwhile, women’s preferences are for SUVs (23.1 percent) and minivans (21.5 percent).

Putting vehicle types and colours together, iSeeCars found that 13.9 percent of all yellow cars bought in 2016 were convertibles, though convertibles accounted for just 1.9 percent of cars overall. That, say the researchers, shows an unsurprising preference among men for flashy and sporty cars, while women’s preference for teal speaks to a more pragmatic approach to car buyings: minivans make up just 3.7 percent of all cars sold in 2016, but the family-friendly vehicle type accounted for 7.8 percent of all teal vehicles.

Finally, iSeeCars found that men spent more than women on their used cars in 2016, and the price difference between each gender’s favourite colour was more than $9,500: the average price of yellow cars in 2016 was $20,601, compared to just $11,053 for teal ones.