Mohammed Mohiedin Anis, at 70 years of age, must be one of the world’s most dedicated car enthusiasts, as evidenced by his unwavering commitment to restore his war-savaged classic car collection in Aleppo, Syria.

Before the war, Anis had a good life, enjoying the once-beautiful city of Aleppo with his family. His car collection grew to include 30 classic cars, including a 1955 Buick Super, 1949 Hudson Commodor, 1957 Mercury Montclair, 1958 Chevrolet Apache, Citroen 2CV, 1947 Plymouth, a VW Thing, and a mix of other classic Cadillacs and Buicks, reports Jalopnik.

Anis held on far longer than most residents in his community, who where evacuated by the Syrian army when terrorist forces pushed back the troops. Instead of fleeing the violence, Anis stayed behind to take care of his cars as best he could, despite bullets flying and bombs dropping.

“When one of my cars is hit, it’s as if I or one of my relatives has been hit. It’s as if they were my children” said Anis, while still clinging to his home.

Eventually, the fighting intensified to the point that Anis decided to leave, but he returned home this year after the Syrian army liberated Aleppo from terrorist forces.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the elderly car enthusiast found his car collection in ruins upon his return. Of his original collection of 30 vehicles, only 13 remain—and they are badly damaged, riddled with bullet holes.

But Amis is undeterred. Now that the city is secure, he intends to fully restore his remaining cars, gifting two to each grandson, and one to each granddaughter.

As his restoration work continues, Amis has received multiple purchase offers on his cars, but he’s not interested in selling them.

“Now life is hard, but we mustn’t lose hope.”