Japanese automaker Subaru is on the cusp of rolling-out a new design language that will be applied to all of the cars in its model range over the next five years.

The company-wide makeover is aimed at increasing global sales by casting a wider net, catching the eyes of buyers who value attractive design more than symmetrical all-wheel drive or throaty flat-four engines–long-time mainstays of the marque.

Of course, the most hardcore of Subaru’s loyal fan base will no doubt remain indifferent to the looks of their beloved all-wheel driven, reliable vehicles, but the vast majority of Subaru owners will likely be keen on the styling updates, perhaps trading in earlier than usual.

In an interview with Automotive News, Subaru’s head of global design, Mamoru Ishii, spoke of the sweeping design updates and their purpose.

“Customers have stopped rejecting us because of design, but we’re not getting customers to buy because of design,” explained Ishii. While brand sales have been robust, nearly topping one million vehicles sold in the last year, Subaru wants more–a lot more.

Over the following years, the niche automotive brand wants to increase its global sales by 25 percent–no small accomplishment for any company, and a goal that will require pulling out all the stops.

Ishii has named his design language “Dynamic X Solid”–it incorporates a blend of more flowing, athletic lines with chiselled, sharp edges and taught creases in the sheet metal. The design cues are scalable across the range for both larger SUVs and smaller cars, thus weaving a thread of brand identity through all of Subaru’s vehicles.

After updating the exterior design of its lineup, Subaru will next turn its attention toward a major revamp of its vehicles’ interior design.

(Automotive News)