Singer Vehicle Design has collaborated with Williams Advanced Engineering to create an air-cooled Porsche 911 flat-six engine good for nearly 500 horsepower.

The newest Singer engine is based on the same 964-series 911 on which the company bases all of its recreations, which Singer owner Rob Dickinson likes for its combination of old-school feel and modern performance.

Apparently it’s just not quite modern enough: the company’s new engine, designed in collaboration with Williams and Porsche Motorsport engine designer Hans Mezger, is an extension of Singer’s existing engine offerings, all of which are based on the 3.6-litre flat-six used in the 964.


In this case, the engine was a 1990-spec example, with a displacement stretched to 4.0 litres (something Singer already offers) before four-valve cylinder heads were added, alongside titanium connecting rods, aluminum throttle bodies, and other modifications to bump output to 493 hp (the existing 4.0-litre is good for 425 hp) and a 9,000-rpm rev limit.

The car that will get this first example of Singer’s latest engine will also get a carbon-fibre airbox and intake resonator, along with air intakes that replace the rear side windows to provide a ram-air effect at speed. Also new is a titanium exhaust.


This engine is going into a 911 commissioned by a gentleman by the name of Scott Blattner, a longtime Singer client who already has a number of the company’s cars.

Singer says the finished car, along with its full specs, will be revealed in September, presumably when it’s ready for its owner to take delivery.