Roborace has unveiled the final version of its battery-powered autonomous race car, the Robocar, a four-wheeled computer capable of near-320 km/h (200 mph) top speeds.

Radar and lidar will be used to steer the vehicle in concert with powerful on-board computers as it vies for the quickest lap times. Surround cameras will allow it to do battle with fellow autonomous race cars in close proximity, reports Electrek.

While witnessing the technical achievements of autonomous race car engineers would undoubtedly be impressive, driverless racing will surely be a bore for most racing fans.

Though we’re not sure it’s been proposed as of yet, races wherein human drivers battle with autonomous machines would no doubt be both more thrilling and philosophically significant.

The Robocar will be featured in a Formula E shadow series and will take on a full grid of autonomous race cars next year.