A 28-year-old driver in west Quebec was found to have “repaired” his Toyota Tercel’s suspension using a wooden log and chicken wire, and was charged April 9 by police for this and other offences, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

The police were initially tipped off to the driver’s various infractions – which included having an open can of beer in the car; failing to provide proof of insurance; driving a vehicle devoid of windshield wipers; and using bald tires – after noticing the Tercel’s brake lights weren’t working.

Police impounded the Toyota for a full mechanical inspection, which may reveal other infractions, and charged the driver for his plethora of misgivings.

MRC des Collines police spokesperson Sergeant Martin Fournel said the vehicle was in dire mechanical straights, given its precarious suspension fix.

“It was basically keeping the vehicle up,” said Fournel, referring to the log affixed to the car’s suspension.

(Ottawa Citizen)